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If you own a rug, chances are you also have a vacuum cleaner. However, even the best vacuums and consumer-grade steam cleaners can't reach the deep fibers of your rug. That's where professional rug cleaning comes in. Our team uses advanced techniques to remove up to 94% of common household allergens and EPA Safer Choice products to ensure a safe and healthy cleaning experience for you, your pets, and the environment. Keeping your rugs clean not only improves the look and feel of your home, but also preserves their longevity and value. When you want your home to look its best, contact us for expert rug cleaning services

Commercial Area Rug Cleaning

Despite the size of your company, we can help lengthen the life of your rugs, as well as keep it looking new longer.

Our business rug and carpet cleaning company utilizes the same copyrighted cleaning process as our domestic service. We utilize warm water extraction to pump hot water into your rugs to release any type of dust deep within the fibers. After that remove the water while eliminating the dust. You also have the alternative to add-on any of these services to your rug cleansing: spot treatment, rug deodorizer and also rug guard.

Our rug cleaning service utilizes an exclusive hot water extraction cleaning technique. This is usually referred to as “steam rug cleansing”, although we do not in fact utilize steam to clean. This cleaning technique enables us to securely eliminate dirt, areas and odors, without leaving any kind of deposit. So the following time you require an expert rug cleansing, call Northwest Steamway Carpet's Cleaning, the rug cleaner near you.

How do we clean your Rugs?

At Northwest Steamway, we follow a three-step process to ensure that your rugs receive the best clean possible:

1) We use a proprietary hot-water removal method to effectively clean your rugs.

2) Our Safer Choice cleaning solution removes dust, stains, and irritants from your rugs without leaving any residue.

3) Our powerful rug cleaning equipment extracts almost all of the water used in the cleaning process, leaving your rug fibers with minimal moisture. This results in fresh, clean rugs that dry quickly in just a few hours.

Types of Rugs We Clean

Silk Rug Cleaning

Cowhide Rug Cleaning

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning

Wool Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

Pakistani Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Native American Rug Cleaning

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